Juan Azulay, MTTR MGMT

Juan Azulay

blog para la asignatura de tecnología
blog para la asignatura de tecnología


Juan Azulay (born February 29, 1972) is a director, media artist, author and designer. As a director and media artist, he is known for his collaboration work with british band The Cult, No Wave Legend Lydia Lunch and his directing work alongside Oscar-winner cinematographer Guillermo Navarro. His design work and films have received over a dozen recognized awards in competition and his work has been included in prestigious exhibitions like the 2011 Ville Fertile at Cite de l’Architecture et Patrimoine in Paris and is part of the permanent collection at the MAK in Vienna. Azulay’s work is produced through a creative practice called MTTR MGMT, of which he is the creative director.

MTTR MGMT is an award-winning design practice that ranges widely in discipline, methodology and media. It operates under the principle that creative practices deliver their best work when the concepts and expertise are genetically integrated from the beginning, rather than coordinated – no matter how disparate the know-how.

MTTR MGMT has produced radically interdisciplinary work that is conceived at the edge of architecture, such is the case of the Aquatic Terrarium for the New Barcelona Zoo (2001), or the winning entry for the MAK Vertical Garden Competition (2006), or its work in media arts, such as the eco-critical feature film essay The Blue of Noon (2010) and one-take performance film Flood Stains (2010), co-written with No Wave legend Lydia Lunch.

MTTR MGMT’s focus lies on the investigation, representation and innovation of prototypes for the fringe areas between technology and nature through the strategic combination of architecture, media arts, film and urbanism. Current projects at MM include a master plan for Shaoxing, a 7,000-year-old city Shaoxing in China, a media concept store in Hollywood, and the direction of the short film Raven.

MTTR MGMT has been published widely in contemporary global media. Especially noteworthy are a review for Vivarium in LOG 19, the featuring of the MAK t6 Vacant project on the cover of Liat Margolis and Alexander Robinson’s book on experimental landscape architecture, and the Aquaterrari for the New Barcelona Zoo in Fernandez Galiano’s Arquitectura Viva. MTTR MGMT has also exhibited extensively in museums and galleries, the most recent of which was the showing of the MAK Vertical Garden winning entry at the Louvre in Paris and Taxonomy of Growth at the Denver Art Museum.

blog para la asignatura de tecnología
blog para la asignatura de tecnología



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